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"AWAKE" is an allegory born from a singular morning that defied the monotony of everyday life. The idea for this creation sprouted from a profound moment—an awakening of sorts.

Imagine a morning like any other, where the world follows a predictable script. You start your day with a cup of coffee, step out to feel the brisk morning air, and prepare yourself for your daily responsibilities. But something was different this time. The sky shimmered with newfound brilliance, and every detail of the life around you felt imbued with a vibrancy previously unnoticed.

"AWAKE" is a visual representation of this moment. It's about finding and, most importantly, embracing your path. It's about breaking free from the slumber of routine and societal expectations and venturing into a world where your passions and your dreams take the forefront.

As I began sketching the first outlines of "AWAKE," I could feel the synergy between my artistic skills and this newfound medium. The process was a dance between the analog and digital realms, merging the tactile precision of hand-drawn sketches with the creative possibilities of graphic design tools. It was an endeavor that allowed me to infuse the artwork with a unique visual language.

The creation of "AWAKE" was a defining moment in my artistic journey, and it marked the inception of Wip∙Lash Studios.

AWAKE Holographic Stickers