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Remember That You Must Die.

The work in this collection explores our emotions, relationships, and understanding behind our mortality. 

Memento Mori
Collection & Exhibition Statement

Memento Mori.


This profound phrase serves as a reminder of the inevitability of death, the concept that inspired the entirety of this collection. Wip.Lash, deeply influenced by his own experiences and reflections on mortality, captures the dynamics of isolation and somberness many experience.

Figures and imagery play a central role in these works, serving as conduits for the emotional weight of the themes explored. Human-like figures are depicted in ways that evoke empathy and introspection, drawing the audience into a shared experience of grief, contemplation, and acceptance. The utilization of muted colors and a strong monochromatic color scheme create a visual language that resonates with the gravity of the subject matter. 

Through these representations, Wip.Lash aims to create a dialogue between the work and the audience. The intention is not to overwhelm but to invite contemplation, to foster a space where viewers can confront their perceptions and emotions surrounding the end.


2021 ""Memento Mori", Julien Scott Memorial Gallery, 200 S Pond Rd, Johnson, Vermont

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