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List of Art Supplies

Below is a list of the art materials and filming equipment that I use to create my works, and film my content. Each link takes you to an Amazon listing of the product. If you have any questions about any of the products, feel free to send an email to


Alcohol Markers


Battleship Gray Unmounted Linoleum 5" x 7" - 12 Pack

Battleship Gray Unmounted Linoleum 8" x 10" - 12 Pack

Battleship Gray Unmounted Linoleum 4" x 5" - 6 Pack

Battleship Gray Unmounted Linoleum 4" x 6" - 6 Pack

Carving Kit

Gelly Roll Fine Tip Gel Pens - White

Gelly Roll Gel Pens - Moonlight

Graphite Transfer Paper

Lino Block Hand Printing Press - A3 Size

Speedball Brayer - 2"

Speedball Brayer - 6"

Speedball Block Printing Baren

Speedball Block Printing Ink Set - 6 Pack

11" x 14" Strathmore Printmaking Pad

18" x 24" Strathmore Printmaking Pad

5" x 7" Strathmore Printmaking Pad

Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Screen Printing

Speedball Advanced Screen Printing Kit

3" Masking Tape

Caydo Screen Printing Squeegee - 3 Pack

10" Emulsion Scoop Coater

6" Emulsion Scoop Coater

8.5" x 11" Inkjet Transparency Film

PWR Screen Printing Emulsion (Pre-Sensitized)

Screen Printing Frame Kit

T-Shirt Ruler Guide

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